Complementary FoodChoice Report when purchasing a New Health & Wellbeing in the Month of November!👀🧬

You will receive the New Health and Wellbeing (HWB) which includes six new clinically-relevant genes.

These six new genes are associated with
Methylation and homocysteine metabolism (PEMT, MTHFD1, SHMT1)
Cardiovascular health (GNB3)
Fat metabolism and cholesterol regulation (FADS1, PPARδ).

In addition, a FoodChoice will be issued at no extra charge. 
A full additional report with a review of the following genes:

Coeliac Disease Risk (HLA-DQA1, HLA-DQB1)

Lactose Intolerance (LCT)

Alcohol Intolerance (ADH1B)

Caffeine/Coffee Sensitivity (CYP1A2, ADORA2A-1) Salt Sensitivity (AGT, ACE)

If YOU WOULD LIKE to find out more about how YOUR GENES can influence YOUR HEALTH. Please contact me.🌿