Merry Christmas!🌲🎅🌲

For my final post of the year, I would like to wish you and all those special to you a Merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all in the new year. ✨

FYI, to help get you in the festive mood, go all-out on a festive movie-watching binge. Pop some popcorn, make some hot cocoa (marshmallows are a must), and grab your coziest blanket. Elf is one of my personal favourites! 🌲

Until then, wishing YOU WELL for a safe and happy 2021. 💛 xo

The 5 LOVE languages of GIFT GIVING!🎁🎄🎁

Dr Gary Chapman has identified five different ways we show love and appreciation and feel rewarded. Holding and expressing appreciation is a common attribute that all successful people share.

1. Words: Some people respond best to positive words of appreciation. This means they actually prefer a card to a present. You can help these people feel loved and appreciated by sending them a card with beautiful words inside, a thank-you email, inspirational quotes, a poem or the words to an appropriate song.

2. Acts of Service: Some people prefer you to do things for them. At home, this might include taking the garbage out or making dinner. At work, offering to make them a cup of coffee, pick up lunch or run errands will help these people feel appreciated.

3. Gifts: Some people do actually prefer to receive a present and they like it wrapped, even if it’s small.

4. Time: Spending quality time with some people is the main way they know they are appreciated and rewarded. At home, it could be as simple as watching a movie with them and being totally present when you do so. As a manager, this might include taking these members of your team out for coffee or lunch. This means a great deal to them, particularly if they know you are very busy and pressed for time. Giving them a voucher and the afternoon off also go a long way for people to feel rewarded and appreciated.

5. Physical Touch: Some people would rather have a pat on the shoulder or a hug than receive an expensive gift. In the workplace, hugs may not be as appropriate, however for someone with this rewarding language, patting them on the shoulder for a job well done will encourage them to keep performing at their best.

The language we speak is the way we express love, and probably, the way we want love expressed to us. But more often than not, we married someone different than us, and they speak a different language.

So ask your loved ones about their favourite time someone showed them love or appreciation and listen carefully to their answer.


2020 has certainly presented us with some enormous unseen challenges that changed life as we knew it, which was felt so immensely by all of us. I certainly wouldn’t still be here without you, my amazing clientele. 🥰

So, I would like to say a very big heartfelt ‘Thank You’ for all of your support throughout this year, as my business and I certainly wouldn’t still be here without you, my amazing clientele. 🥰 🌸

I’m looking forward to embracing the new year in 2021 feeling more empowered and resilient, so I can continue to help and support you all on your wellness journeys. 🌿 🙏🌿

Christmas Dates to Remember. 🎅

The office will be closed for naturopathic appointments from Sunday 20th December 2020 and will re-open on Tuesday 12th January 2021.

You can also continue to place your supplement orders up to Wednesday 16th December 2020 ( to guarantee delivery if I have to order in) and send in your samples as per usual.

This year, the holidays will be celebrated differently to most, so it’s important to reflect on the smaller things. I like to wish you and all those special to you a safe, happy and relaxed Christmas and I sincerely hope that after the traumatic global events of this year that you all are able to see your close circle of family and friends , are able to catch up or have a Facetime chat with family halfway across the world and enjoy a fun festive holiday break over the next few weeks. 🎄 🏖☃️

Looking forward to seeing you all in 2021.🤗

Warmest festive regards

Natalie 🥰 🌿 xo

P.S Please contact me if there’s an emergency or if you run out of any supplements during this time.

Are YOU Looking for HEALTHY CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS to give to your LOVED ONES this year? 🎄

Has you mum or sister been saying they have been wanting to see a Naturopath? Or has your best friend been talking about trying laser treatment but hasn’t had the time to book in for a consultation? Or perhaps you know someone who you think would benefit from seeing a naturopath but who would be reluctant to spend the money on themselves.


Then A Naturopathic Gift Certificate may be the most thoughtful present that you could give this year! 👼


By giving the gift of better health … YOU can give a gift that will have profound and long-lasting benefits. Is there a better gift than the gift of health and vitality? 🌿 🥰 🌿


Please contact the clinic to get your Christmas Gift Certificates. If it is tricky for you to get to the clinic, we can organise your certificates over the phone and mail them to you. It’s that EASY! 🎁