Just started ALLERGY reducing HISTAMINE DIET… and not too sure what to eat…

CHECK OUT this website for some great recipe ideas!

If Your Suffering From Any of These Symptoms?

    • Weight Gain
    • Brain Fog
    • Headache
    • Achy Joints & Muscles
    • Acne
    • Bloating
    • Low Energy

They are NOT normal.

A histamine diet (booklet available on consultation) along with a  reactivity reduction individual naturopathic program, will help you to gain control of your allergies and intolerance and get to the root cause of what’s going on with your body.

To find out more please contact me! xo




The Best Vegan Chocolate Easter Eggs and Where to Buy Them🐰🐣🙌

As Easter approaches and supermarket shelves start to fill with chocolate eggs, you may find yourself craving some sweet treats.

However, if – like many other caring Australians – you’re avoiding cruel and unhealthy dairy foods, you may be wondering how you can get that chocolaty fix without harming animals.

Wonder no more! Dairy-free chocolate Easter eggs exist – and they’re easier to find than you think ….

Moo Free

With cute flavours like BunnyComb and Cheeky Orange, in addition to the original chocolate egg, you’re sure to find an egg the kids will love. They just may not want to share ….

Moo Free chocolate eggs are available from many shops, including the following:

You can also enter your postcode here to find more stockists.

Aldi Choices

Yup. Aldi’s home brand chocolate Easter eggs are vegan. They taste DELICIOUS – and each egg comes with chocolate buttons! Since both the “milk” and white chocolate options come at a very affordable price, you’ll be forgiven for eating more than one.

Be sure to grab one at your local Aldi store before they run out!

Treat Dreams

The pictures say it all. These ooey-gooey, delicious vegan Dream Eggs have taken Australia by storm. If you want to enjoy a crème egg without the cruelty, look no further than this decadent treat.

Hurry – Dream Eggs are selling out fast! Order online via the The Cruelty Free Shop or check their other stockists here.

Constant Craving

If you’ve never had a Constant Craving chocolate before, trust us – you won’t be disappointed! Velvety smooth and rich, these Tasmanian handcrafted vegan chocolates are melt-in-your-mouth good.

Available in specialty stores and online. You can find a full list of stockists here.


Lindt offers a vegan chocolate egg and bunny combo pack! And Easter isn’t complete without a chocolate bunny.

You may have given and received Lindt bunnies in the past – but did you realise the dark chocolate ones are vegan? Deliciously dark and sweetly satisfying, this combo will be sure to satisfy your Easter cravings.

Find Lindt dark chocolate bunnies at many supermarkets, Lindt shops and cafés, and online.

Pana Chocolate

Everyone’s favourite raw chocolatier has created a number of Easter treat packs, which make perfect gifts. Hampers come in large or medium sizes, and there’s also a Happy Easter Gift Pack available. If that’s not enough, limited edition Caramel Lava Eggs, Supreme Eggs, and Double Choc are also available until Easter. Yum!

They’re available in Pana Chocolate shops and online.

Sweet William

Available in most major supermarkets and health-food stores, Sweet William dairy-free chocolates are easy to find – and very easy to eat! Cute chocolate bunny faces make a great Easter treat for kids.

Sweet William chocolate is available from many shops, including:

Click here for Australian stockists, or buy from The Cruelty Free Shop.

Plamil Easter Egg

This organic, gluten-free, fair trade, vegan Easter egg will be a hit with kids and adults alike. The company also makes mini Easter half-eggs, which are great for an egg hunt!

They’re available from online stores, including The Cruelty Free Shop and Vegan Perfection.

Gingerbread Folk

Gingerbread bunnies make a cute gift, and with both chocolate and gluten-free options, Gingerbread Folk ensures no one will miss these cruelty-free Easter treats.

Order online, or find a list of stockists here.

Decadent Handmade Chocolates

This small Australian business has been making delicious handmade chocolates since 2013. The Easter offerings are plentiful and include vanilla fondant cream eggs, chocolate bunny lollipops, and large Mylk Easter Eggs filled with vegan marshmallow.

Order online here.

With so many cruelty-free options available across the country, it’s easier than ever to avoid dairy foods and spare cows a lifetime of suffering.

Happy Easter!


Please join ATMS in support of Natural Medicine🙌🍃👪💱✔💯


Last week, 13 October 2017, the Australian Government made an announcement regarding the removal of the private health insurance rebate for certain natural therapies from 1 April 2019.

Natural therapy modalities named in the announcement were: aromatherapy, Bowen therapy, Buteyko, Feldenkrais, Herbalism, Homeopathy, Iridology, Kinesiology, Naturopathy, Pilates, Reflexology, Rolfing, Shiatsu, Tai Chi and Yoga.

The Sydney Morning Herald was the first to review this news: Health fund premiums to be reined in under sweeping Turnbull government changes.

This announcement comes after a recent Review of the Australian Government Rebate by the Commonwealth Chief Medical Officer on Private Health Insurance for Natural Therapies.

Please join ATMS in support of natural medicine and our practitioners by contacting your local Member for Parliament.

We all have a vote, and we vote for Natural Medicine! We invite consumers, practitioners and the industry to join together in one voice to tell our MPs that if they support the removal of funding for natural medicine via the private health funds, they will not get our vote in the next election!



By removing, this rebate from private health funds, the Government are limiting every Australian’s right to choose the type of health care they receive.

This will affect demand for the 25,000 local small businesses in natural medicine and the wider industry impacting jobs.

Natural medicine is a long-term preventative health care strategy and we strongly believe it is crucial to reducing the burden on the public health system.

What can you do?

Please download the letters below and send a personalised version to your local MP.

Consumer Letter: I support natural medicine and I vote
[PC Users: Download the Word Doc Now]
[Mobile Users: Click here and copy and paste the letter]
[For the Mandarin translated letter: Click here to view the letter]
Practitioner Letter: I support natural medicine and I vote
[PC Users: Download the Word Doc Now]
[Mobile Users: Click here and copy and paste the letter]
[For the Mandarin translated letter: Click here to view the letter]
Please email or post this letter directly to your local Member of Parliament or deliver it to their office in person. You can find their details by clicking HERE
If you are sending this to your MP by email please cc: president@atms.com.au so we can collect and utilise your stories in our communication with health funds and Government directly.

Alternatively, if you are sending this by post or in person, please send a copy of your letter to: PO Box 1027, Meadowbank NSW 2114.

    1. Share and post the ‘I support Natural Medicine and I Vote’ campaign via the ATMS Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page and hashtag #supportnaturalmedicine

Thank you from the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society for supporting our industry and accredited practitioners of natural medicine in Australia. Watch this space for further details on the campaign and updates on clarification on the Government’s announcement.
For further details on natural medicine visit: www.naturalmedicineweek.com.au

Please contact us directly if you would like to discuss this further at: president@atms.com.au

[1] IBIS World, Alternative Health Therapies in Australia, August 2012