Do YOU need to make a change?🤔

Are you in your comfort zone with your food and your health? Is this comfort zone really a good place to be? Is it that comfortable? Or is it that you’re just trying to not think about your health too much?

Beautiful change can happen outside of your comfort zone but it does take a decision to do it. Things can change so much when you decide that you do want to change. Change takes change and the results of change can be so exciting and gorgeous.

Staying in your comfort zone with food is often seen as easy but is it really? Is it really that easy to feel tired all the time? Be in pain? Feel out of control with where your health is going?

Your food becomes you and creates you. So imagine then what the right food could do?

Please contact me to find out more about how you can step outside your comfort zone. It’s time for a change!!!

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How is your sleep? Are you feeling well-rested when you wake in the morning? If not… you would benefit from some support.😴

Insomnia is so common people don’t realise it is an important sign that your body is out of balance.

🌖Sleep is important for healing, rejuvenating, and detoxifying your body. Without DEEP sleep you have a higher risk of putting on weight, developing anxiety or depression, high blood pressure or a poor immune system.

Feeling tired but wired at night and putting off sleep onset is a sign of adrenal fatigue! You are too tired to sleep 🤯

When you are too tired you fail to get into the deep healing sleep your body needs to heal.

💙Nutrient support and Herbal medicine can make a big difference in encouraging healthy sleep cycles in adults and children.

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Were ALL different! Helping YOU to find the root cause of YOUR problem.🌸

No one diet or supplement works for everybody.🍎

How can I help?

👩‍💻This involves taking a thorough case history, identifying your frustrating symptoms and ordering functional testing when necessary.

👩‍💻Coaching you through your new nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to help you put them into practice.

So you can understand how your body works.🌿

DM me to find out how we can work together to help you feel healthier, more energised and feeling alive again.🙌

Have YOU experienced any of these symptoms after eating certain foods?🤔

Food intolerances or non-allergic food hypersensitivity refers to difficulty digesting certain foods. Typical symptoms can appear anywhere between a few hours to 48 hours after eating food.

This is different from a food allergy which is an immune reaction to specific foods and is a serious condition.

Food intolerances can take longer to appear, unlike allergies.

Causes of food intolerance can be due to certain enzymes, certain chemicals in foods, salicylates and histamines.

The most common types are lactose, wheat, gluten, caffeine, histamine, artificial colours additives, sweeteners and flavourings, FODMAPS and sulphites.

To find out more about how YOU can gain control of your food intolerances please contact me.