Unfortunately, many health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, menopause, mental health, skin conditions, migraines, allergies, digestive issues and chronic pain don’t take a holiday when there’s a global pandemic.😩

Developing a professionally tailored core plan to manage these conditions, provides you with information, so can manage and maintain your treatment protocol and learn about specific strategies about how to SUPPORT YOU.🌱

Please contact me if you would like to make an appointment, SO I CAN HELP YOU maintain your health and wellbeing.💚

Acute care appointments are also available.

Latest Clinic Update-COVID-19🧬

To my amazing community, now more than ever it’s important to stay connected, as we are all in this together.💚

COVID-19 has presented us with an unprecedented challenge.  Australians are being asked to take measures that we’ve never had to before – things like cancelling travel, not going to concerts and general social distancing.

As a small proudly owned Australian business, with over 25 years of experience, my patients are my absolute first priority and I personally would like to thank all of you for your continued support and passion during this time.🌸

So as I write this update, we open, we are an essential service and we can take some burden off the medical system.

You may be wondering how this affects your Naturopathy treatment.  I’ll continue to offer quality care for my patients.  There are many things I’m doing as a professional to minimise the risk of exposure through rigorous hygiene practices, online government training and patient screening to keep you safe. So, you are welcome to come in for your appointment, subject to our screening processes.

Alternatively, hair samples can be sent in for Vega screening (following strict hygiene procedures).

Will my appointment proceed as previously booked?

Yes, I will confirm your appointment via text message or phone. Your appointment will then proceed in the mode that is agreed upon at that time.

I’ll also continue to send herb and supplement to all my patients Australia wide, whilst working with my suppliers to ensure continuity of supply. Please be patient as deliveries may take a little longer than normal.

To ensure health and safety in the clinic.

(Our protocols are being updated regularly following Australian Government Guidelines)

  • We ask all patients to head to wash their hands with soap (for at least 20 seconds) before coming and to sanitise their hands upon arrival.
  • We ask anyone who has symptoms or maybe in the high-risk category from travel to self isolate for 14 days and is cleared by a doctor before coming into the clinic.
  • We ask our more vulnerable patients (elderly 60+ and/or immune-compromised) to pause treatment until safer times. (We can organise a home visit for acute vulnerable patients where needed, with strict protocols in place.)
  • We’ll continue to thin out our bookings.
  • All the staff will now be wearing masks and washing/sanitising hands regularly.
  • We clean areas of high contact including doorknobs, hand railings, doors and taps with disinfectant after each patient.
  • We are burning protective essential oils.
  • We ask patients to leave family members not getting treatment to wait in the car or at home (if possible).

Telehealth consultations ( phone, Facetime, Zoom, Skype and other modes) are available.

Please ask me about Acute Immune Care Consultations- 15 mins.

So whilst we continue about our lives, as usual, prioritising mental and physical health, local businesses and washing our hand’s dozens of times a day, I know our wonderful community has the capacity to show consideration, support and connection during this time.

If you have any questions and would like to make a naturopathic appointment please let me know.

Stay safe and well.

Natalie 😘 xo

Friday Inspiration!🌟

In times like this, if you’re feeling a little restless, it is important to focus instead on activities that bring you joy!🤸‍♀️

Walks around your neighbourhood with your beloved furry baby, long chats with all your friends and family, daily mindfulness, trying online yoga or exercise classes, decluttering your home, renewing your love for gardening, reading the latest best-seller, binge-watching your favourite show on Netflix or trying out new recipes!🧘‍♀️💚

In the difficult context of COVID-19, we have given great thought to how we may approach the coming weeks with measured Wise Mind action as a response as a Community.🌱

We remain committed to continuing to provide a safe and compassionate service to our clients.💚

As such:

• We ask any of my patients and accompanying supports with flu-like symptoms to not attend the practice, we can in some circumstances offer telehealth sessions as an alternative. 🤧😷
• Phone, Facetime, Zoom or Skype modes of accessing naturopathic consultations are available.
• Any patient needing to cancel due to concerns regarding their symptoms or the risk to a family member that they care for, may not incur the less than 24 hr notice cancellation fee depending on circumstances.

How might we all contribute?

• We are using anti-bacterial disinfectants to clean the surfaces & doorknobs on an hourly basis in consulting and waiting areas.
• We ask all clients to please use hand sanitiser on arrival.
• Please practice cough & sneeze hygiene practices.
• Please keep abreast of the latest information disseminated by the Department of Health.

At this stage, cautious and calm action is encouraged.🙏
The Australian Psychological Society has also developed a useful Information Sheet: Tips for coping with coronavirus anxiety.
Whilst we continue about our lives, as usual, prioritising mental and physical health, local businesses and washing our hand’s dozens of times a day, I know our community has the capacity to show consideration, support and connection during this time.🌸

Weekend Inspiration!🌱

This weekend, take some time to make some special memories. You won’t look back and wish you bought more stuff, worked for more money or collected more possessions. Spend time with people and fur babies that you make your heart smile. They can’t be replaced.😘xo

Boosting Immunity!🦸

Are YOU wondering what natural solutions can you use to help defend yourself against colds and flus?🤧😷

My go-to Metagenic (practitioner-only) supplements for immune-enhancing support for battling viral infections are Andro NK, Super (Japanese) Mushrooms, Immunogenics, Meta C and Zinc, Vitamin D, Bronchotone and Ultraflora Immune Enhance.🍄

What are yours?🤔

If you have any questions or would like more information on acute immune care supplement packages, please let me know.😘xo