LADIES… PMS, endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids… none of these things are just ‘facts of life’…or just ‘part of being female’.👩

Happy Hormone Health & Happiness is a natural state and is not something elusive you must chase.

The body is designed to work efficiently and there are many different elements that need fine-tuning to make sure that your hormones are all working in harmony. Many factors including inflammation, digestive health, and stress can impact hormonal conditions.

DID YOU KNOW? Oestrogen dominance is one of the most common types of hormone imbalance. Symptoms can include frequent headaches, mood swings and anxiety, bloating and weight gain, irregular periods, trouble sleeping, unexplained fatigue, worsened PMS symptoms, and more. These symptoms indicate a hormonal imbalance in the menstrual cycle.

To discover the truth about your hormones and if they could be behind the HEALTH CHALLENGES facing YOU, please contact me for more information to FIND OUT about practical dietary, foundational ingredients and lifestyle tips to help support healthy hormone levels.


More than half of all women will experience adrenal fatigue in their life, impacting their health, their moods, their energy, their weight, and their relationships.

While it is common, it’s not inevitable, and it’s not untreatable if you know how to heal from it.

You may be experiencing adrenal fatigue if you’re experiencing any of the following:
>> Brain fog that’s hard to shake
>> Exhaustion that doesn’t go away even after a good night’s sleep
>>Waking up tired
>> Anxiety and feelings of overwhelm, even over minor concerns
>> Unexplained weight gain that you can’t lose even with diet and exercise
>> Lowered libido

Even if you’re doing “all the right things” according to mainstream information, you may still be struggling to beat adrenal fatigue.

That’s because once burnout sets in, general healthy lifestyle changes like exercise and more sleep aren’t enough to repair your body and get your hormone levels back in order.

Fortunately, healing from adrenal fatigue can be much easier when you know exactly what to do.

Please contact me to make an appointment, so we can discuss the exact personalised steps and lifestyle changes to make in order to heal from adrenal fatigue.

You need to make a change, so you can get back on track to feeling HEALTHY and filled with ENERGY!

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