Eczema is more than just inflammation of the skin, in fact – our immune cells are responsible for producing redness, heat and swelling (inflammation), as a way of protecting you.🤯

However, with eczema, your immune system has become highly sensitive and over-reactive to even the slightest exposures.🌬❄

What causes your immune system to be over-reactive in the first place? Read our latest blog article “Eczema – What To Do When You Need Relief” to find out more!


Eczema is a common condition this time of year, the cold and windy weather can make our skin dry up, leaving it feeling dry and cracked. However, it’s not just environmental triggers that can set off eczema. It can also flare up in response to stress, immune system dysfunction, and even when certain materials are worn next to the skin (such as synthetic fabrics).

If you aren’t sure what sparks your eczema outbreaks, here’s a look at just some of the triggers of eczema;

🧼Irritants such as soaps or detergents, including shampoo, washing-up liquid or even some moisturisers.
❄️Environmental factors such as cold and dry weather, or even more specific things like house dust mites, pet fur and pollen.
🥜Food allergens such as allergies to dairy, eggs, nuts or wheat.
🤰Hormonal changes can also affect your eczema flare-ups, some woman may find their eczema gets worse in the days before their period or during pregnancy.
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Even genetics can play a part, with research showing children who have 1 or both parents with atopic eczema, or who have other siblings with eczema, are more likely to develop it themselves.

Looking at the list of eczema triggers, it doesn’t have to be a long road of a ‘process of elimination’ to find the cause. Working with me can provide you with treatments that help to look at the underlining causes, to improve gut health, regulate your immune system and reduce your reactivity.🌿

Allergy Season has officially begun.🤧

Did someone say, allergy season? Most of us normally look forward to the arrival of Spring with the warmer weather, green leaves and fresh blossoms unless you suffer from allergies! 🤧
One of the biggest spring allergy triggers is pollen. Trees, grasses and weeds release these tiny grains into the air to fertilise other plants.🌲
Unfortunately, for some, it triggers discomfort with a scratchy throat, itchy eyes and stuffy nose as they experience an allergic reaction.

People with pollen allergies – their immune system mistakenly identifies pollen as an intruder, therefore it mounts an inappropriate response to the harmless substance and has become hyper-reactive. This causes specialised immune cells, known as mast cells, to migrate to your nose and throat, where they release histamine. This chemical triggers an explosion of inflammation, which forces foreign particles out of your body. It is the swelling and irritation that inflammation causes which leads to the miserable symptoms of hay fever.😥

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