Look after yourself!💞

Self-care is not selfish. This is so important to understand. Being your own best friend and being kind to yourself is vital. Sometimes this might be taking it easy for a day or more, letting something go that’s not working for you or leaning in and focusing on your health and what your body needs for your nutrition. Self-care is something that is so often lost in the rush of life today.💚

The gift of health to yourself is priceless!🌿😇

So #takeabreath #bekind and start real #selfcare for you.


Does This Sound Like YOU?😉😂

Hormones have a profound effect on our mental, physical and emotional health! 🤪

Many people have symptoms that ultimately reflect a hormonal imbalance. Our modern fast-paced lifestyle means we have less time and reserves to recuperate, whilst simultaneously being exposed to an unprecedented array of endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Many people spend years struggling with symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, low energy, concentration problems, low libido, low mood, insulin resistance, breast tenderness, painful or heavy or irregular periods and many others related to hormonal imbalance. Treating the symptoms won’t fix the core issue, but looking at your hormones can.

If you would like more information hormone balancing, please contact me. 🌿xo