Is Your Gut Making You Sick, Sad, or Inflamed?😧🔥

Great Health is All in the Gut

By interacting with your immune system, your gut bacteria influence your ability to resist infection, reduce inflammation, and maintain a healthy mood. If you are wondering whether your gut may be making you sick, sad or inflamed, make an appointment with me today. Together, you can assess your bacterial balance, and make a plan to improve your specific symptoms.

😴Nod off faster and wake up Fresher with these Yoga Poses.🙏

Yoga is a gentle and restorative way to wind down your day. A national survey found that over 55% of people who did yoga found that it helped them get better sleep. Over 85% said yoga helped reduce stress. You can use supportive props like bolsters, blankets, and blocks to make poses comfortable so that you can stay in the pose for longer and continue to breathe.

Your breath is key to be able to relax in these poses. Breath in yoga is equally important—if not more important—as the physical pose. Use a gentle and calming yoga breath technique called Ujjayi Breath, also known as Ocean Breath or Victorious Breath. Inhale deeply through the nose. With your mouth closed, exhale through your nose while constricting the back of your throat as if you are saying “ha” but keep your mouth closed. This exhalation should sound like the waves of the ocean (or like Darth Vader from Star Wars). Use this slow and steady breath to soothe yourself in each of these poses.

Practice these yoga poses right before bedtime and stay in them about 3 to 5 minutes each. Use your Ocean Breath in each pose, with the exception of Corpse Pose, where your breath returns to normal.

For more information on seven restoratives of these yoga poses to relieve tension and stress at the end of the day. Please follow this link.

The more that you practice these poses regularly, the more you likely you can get a good night’s rest. 🥰

Staying Connected!🥰

Although some of us have seen restrictions being lifted, there are still some states in lockdown, some borders are still closed and for most of us – it is the longest we have gone without physically seeing some of our family and friends.
As we know, having social interactions is important for our well-being and happiness! With physical interactions still not an option for many of us, it is still vital that we maintain those connections even if they are through digital platforms.
Here are 7 ways you can connect digitally with your friends and family, as we might not be out of the woods yet – but we are all still in this together!💛

Are U Ok?🤔

Check on your “brave” friends.
Check on your “happy “friends.
Check on your “yeah, I’m okay” friends. A little can sometimes go a long way. Even though we can’t hug each other right now, there are other ways to show your support 💖 #ruok