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Check out this awesome, short video by my personal physician, Dr. Albert Mensah of Mensah Medical, about inflammation and the effect diet has on your child’s gut!

Here’s the video 👉

Do you wonder why your child is sluggish with a foggy brain, lack of energy, and defiant behavior?

Diet has a tremendous impact on how your child behaves because the processed foods you feed them lead to cognitive intoxification.

If you fill a tube with water then add sugar, you begin the recipe for the production of alcohol.

All you need is yeast and guess what? Yeast line the gastrointestinal tract and are often out of control in ADHD kids.

With sugar and water, yeast begins to ferment, which is how alcohol is made.

When this happens, the yeast produce toxins that affect your child’s brain, which then lead to irregular behavior, specifically problems with hyperactivity, an inability to concentrate, emotional disruption, and defiant behavior. And with these sugar highs, come crashing lows that look like depression and fatigue.

Please understand processed comfort foods such as burgers with fries, pizza, chicken nuggets, Oreo cookies and Ben & Jerry’s affect every aspect of your child’s life including mood, behavior and perception.

We see this in infants, toddlers and teenagers alike.

I want to encourage you to reconsider the foods your child is currently eating and how those foods affect their behavior and perceptions.

Diet DOES make a difference in your child’s ability to think, feel and act in a healthy way.

If you’re tired of chasing your child around screaming at them to behave, please take a look at their dietary choices.

What did your child just eat?

What they ate has a tremendous impact on their brain because tonight’s dinner may be tomorrow’s anxiety and disruption for you.

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