10 Natural Things You Can Do for Your Chronic Pain!🤯&#x1f525

In order to manage ongoing pain, the underlying cause, inflammation, must be addressed and resolved. Natural Medicines and certain dietary and lifestyle interventions enable your body to calm and resolve the inflammatory response.

Our Pain is Insane

With 20% of Australians suffering from chronic pain, and pain being the most common reason someone will visit a healthcare Practitioner in Australia,[1] there is no question that we’re a nation in pain and inflamed!

To understand how to reduce pain, we need to look at its main cause, inflammation, which is triggered in response to tissue injury or infection. The inflammatory process is designed to initiate healing and also to keep you resting while healing occurs. For this reason, the swelling that comes with inflammation stimulates nerves around the affected area, sending signals to your brain that something is wrong by causing you pain, and consequently restricting your movement.

In states of chronic pain, however, the resolution does not occur, and instead, the body becomes stuck in the initiation phase, with persistent inflammation and pain. To reduce chronic pain, then, we need to address both phases of inflammation – initiation and resolution.

Find out how YOU can shift your body’s level of inflammation and begin on the road to a pain-free life, with 10 Natural Things You Can Do for Your Chronic Pain.