Have you heard of the gut-skin axis?🤔

Your skin is your body’s largest living organ and it certainly has a lot to cope with. What you may not realise, however, is that your skin’s health is intimately is linked to your gut.👅

When your skin reacts, it can be one of the first signs that something’s up with your gut. Just like the gut-brain axis, whereby your gut and brain communicate with one another via the vagus nerve, your gut and skin enjoy a regular dialogue too, mainly via the microbiome. This powerful pathway is known as the gut-skin axis.🧠

Take a moment to reflect – is your skin sending you a big red flag? When it comes to skin health, it’s essential to turn your attention inwards and nurture the relationship with your microbiome through gut-friendly supplements, food and even meditation.🙏

Please contact me if you would like more advice on how to support your health from the inside out and enjoy a healthy gut, glowing skin and a radiant health mindset.😇

Keep smiling, 
Natalie 🥰Xo