Did you know that if a person has irritable bowel syndrome, they are also likely to have psychiatric illness?

A simple conversation could change a life – mental health is NOT just linked to IBS and vice versa but is, in fact, a complex interplay of many lifestyles and genetic factors of various causes and environmental interactions.

A simple question – Are you okay? – could see your colleague, family member, friend, customer, Uber driver, waiter, flight attendant, banker, receptionist, team mate, sports coach, business manager, teacher, child open up to you about a whole host of difficult life challenges they are struggling to cope with by themselves.

By opening the conversation about their thoughts & feelings, or even simply respecting that they don’t want to talk and reapproaching them at a more suitable time for them, may be the best thing you can do to help. It could be the very thing that puts them on the right road to save their life.

Remember if you are personally struggling, it is NOT a weakness to talk about why. No one should suffer silently. We live in a world of 7 billion people, it’s time we had life-changing and life-saving conversations 🤒😵😰🤬😧😊😫 •