How many times do mums get told ‘You’re a busy mum, you’re meant to be tired…’😖

As a Naturopath and a mother, my heart goes out to all the other mums out there. Just because you’re looking after other tiny humans doesn’t mean you don’t get to look after yourself.🌸

After months (or years) of broken sleep, our bodies can start to do strange things. They start to produce more cortisol meaning that we’re running on full throttle all of the time...🤦‍♀️

When it’s school holidays, mums are on the go, grabbing what they can to eat in between endless activities. And then once school or daycare goes back, life should get back on track… YOU will go back to the gym and eat better…. Instead, YOU just keep going and going…😵

No wonder YOUR feeling exhausted all the time… no matter how much chocolate YOU eat or coffee YOU drink. ☕🍫

To find out the answers to some of those niggling ADRENAL HEALTH questions about why YOU might be feeling the way YOU do, please contact me.😇

Because just like your kids, mums are important too! 🤸‍♀️