Are you looking after YOUR BONE HEALTH…🤔🍃

It’s World Osteoporosis Day!

Osteoporosis is a common disease in Australia and according to Osteoporosis Australia, we’re estimated to have 1.2 million people with osteoporosis and a further 6.3 million with low bone density. What’s even more alarming is that osteoporosis is sometimes referred to as the ‘silent disease’ as there are often no signs or symptoms, until an unexpected fracture occurs. The good news is that there are many ways to help you successfully live the ‘healthy bone lifestyle’ to look after your bones for years to come! We can make lifestyle changes and choices to get more exercise, eat calcium-rich foods and cut out those nasties!
Another way to help support your bone health is by supplementing with a high-strength, highly absorbable form of calcium. Calcium hydroxyapatite is one of the best sources of calcium and has been consistently found to be superior to many other forms of calcium. Being highly absorbable with additional cofactors needed for bone growth, the calcium reaches the bones where it’s needed the most. Ask your Natural Healthcare Practitioner for a calcium hydroxyapatite supplement to help prevent, or manage osteoporosis for you.

Visit the Osteoporosis Australia website for more information and resources:

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